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American English Localization

Working in the USA, you might think that if you can write English, you can write for an American audience without any problems. This common misconception can lead to your message losing context when read by an American audience.

With offices on both sides of to pond we have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure your message maintains the tone and meaning.

US English Translators

The linguist that will complete your UK to US English localization will be based in America where suitable and have extensive experience either working or living in the UK. If you have a specialist document such as a marketing text or a sales brochure we will ensure your linguist has all the necessary experience required to localize and maintain the context of your document.

This is especially important with marketing materials written in the UK for an American audience. Even slight differences in spelling and use of language between the two nations can affect a reader's understanding.

Differences between UK and US English

Perhaps a reflection of American culture, American language tends to be more punchy and assertive than the British counterpart.